Infant - Toddler environment

"To assist the child we must provide him with an environment which enable him develop freely."

- Maria Montessori

The first three years of life, is the time to explore, the time to see, to touch, and to hear, to establish trust and to begin development of language. It's time to take a first step towards to independent.

The learning environment for this period is so important as infants-toddler learn faster than any other time in life. Maria Montessori referred to this learning period is unconscious absorbent mind. By that, she mean the child has ability  absorb knowledge and capability to teach themselves. There are two different kind of Montessori environments depend of the child ages range:

Infant/Nido (2 months to 12/15 months). Created especially for working parents or at home, it is an environment prepared for children from 2 or 3 months until they are walking well.

Toddler (12/15 months to 3 years). After they begin to walk, the children join the toddler group, where their primary motor coordination, independence and language are cultivated.

Environment for Infant - Toddler

Support learning

Children work with joy as the materials not only to be appropriated in size and functional, but also exquisitely and beautifully.

Carefully design

They toddler material may look simple but are precise designed to incorporated specific purposes and build-in control of error.

Free to explore

Infant-toddler environment is a safe place for exploration, where the child has freedom to move without fear and being told to stop.

Helping the child to help themselves

“Little children, from the moment they are weaned, are making their way toward independence.”

- Maria Montessori

An unique Infant/Toddler product ranges


Movement activities in toddler environment focus on the fine motor skills as well as gross motor skill. The child also develops hand-eye coordination, manual dexterity through repeating those activities.


We perceive environment with all senses, to construct a representation of the real world. Montessori materials help to refine the senses, giving the key to the child to open the door to experience the world.


Start basic as sorting, ordering, and then proceed to problem solving, decision making. Those cognitives activities will form a foundation of clear reasoning process.

Practical Life

The practical life materials give children opportunities to "helping myself", beginning with activities that humans do every day to care for themselves and their environment.


From birth, the child has been absorbing the sounds and speech patterns through conversations. Then listening of good literature helps the child strengthen her vocabulary and increases independence, giving her the ability to name her wishes and desires.


The classroom furnitures are not only required to be ergonomics, but also need to layout to avoid clutters and are beautiful. That let the child feel like at "Children House" with comfortable and invited.

Selection for Infants

Infant Object Permanence Box with Drawer

3D Object Fitting Exercise

Wooden Ring Rattle

Interlocking Disc

Sensorial products selected by our experts

Set of Multiple Shape Puzzles

Imbucare Peg Box

Infant/Toddler Pink Tower

Color Bell Set of 4 Pairs

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